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Before you start looking for international jobs and volunteer opportunities abroad, read our advice from experienced expatriates and international travelers who cover every aspect of going abroad. We offer a wide range of articles with advice on living and working in a foreign country.

Expat marriage while living abroadLife happens- even when traveling and living abroad. This, of course, opens the door to a number of life-altering changes, including marriage and divorce. Unfortunately, legitimizing your marriage or divorce in the eyes of the U.S government can be difficult. Marriage and divorce requirements will vary from one country to the next, but the following will provide U.S citizens with an understanding of the most common requirements for divorce and marriage across the world.

Woman using travel apps on her phoneIt's no secret that phones make life much easier. Phones allow you to communicate with friends, choose a top restaurant in a new neighborhood, find the local entertainment, and much, much more. The utility of your phone is amplified when living abroad: researching exchange rates and saying "thank you" in a foreign language are two of the many ways that your phone has your back in a foreign country. The rapidly growing number of mobile applications increases the potential usefulness of your phone while living abroad. However, with such a large number of applications available for your phone, it can become difficult to find those golden nuggets that will enhance your time abroad.

Packing up and moving abroad is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are many things to be considered before making such a big move, including: How will you earn money? Where will you live? Can you speak or easily learn the language and culture? What will you do with your personal belongings? Will you need a visa? What will happen if you become sick or injured?

For many expats, living abroad is a big adventure that sometimes comes after years of researching, planning and dreaming of living elsewhere. For others it is because of a job transfer or new job opportunity. Whether it is because they are in search of something new or following their career path, living the expat life isn't always glamorous and can be a lot of work.

Thank you for visiting the International Citizens. My recent posts have attracted some kudos from long-term expatriates (Americans living abroad) as well as our customers who aspire to live abroad on the long-term. To make things easier for anyone exploring that kind of transition, I thought we'd talk today about the six most critical things to know about being an American expatriate. This overview is sure to help in your preparations!

Living abroad might sound like a scary option to many, but to some it is an exciting thought for many reasons.

Just as you probably know your home town or city like the back of your hand, living abroad allows individuals the chance to learn foreign towns just the same. Perhaps there is somewhere you have always wanted to go, or a culture that you have been interested in for a long time. Living abroad allows you to become fully emerged in the other culture and even grants you the chance to "live like the locals."

girl on swing 465184085The 2014 HSBC Explorer Survey results have been announced which means your helpful guide when it comes to trying to figure out the best places to raise children as an expat are in. Although this survey covers three areas: economics, experience and raising children- our main focus will be the on the third criteria: raising children. Choosing which country to become an expat in is difficult, add into the mix that you will be bringing along children and it can make the decision even more difficult.

Before choosing where you will move abroad with children, consider the following top 3 places to raise children as an expat:

where to live 492663667When you make the decision to become an expat this only creates a snowball effect and opens the door for number of other decisions you need to make come rolling through. Typically, the next large decision that you will need to make is where you will become an expat. If you're not sure and have no idea where would be a good place to establish your roots- this might help. The 2014 Expat Insider, run by InterNations has announced their "World Through Expat Eyes" survey results- including the top expat destinations.

kangaroo 200403738-001If you're an expat in Australia and have fallen in love with life there, you might be considering becoming an Australian citizen. Along with being able to say that you are officially a citizen, there are a number of other benefits to becoming a citizen of the country you reside in. If you've made the decision to apply for citizenship, or are just considering it, we will walk you through how to apply for Australian citizenship.

Advice on Becoming an ExpatriateWhen you relocate to a new county, you will become very familiar with the term expatriate or expat. You may hear individuals within your host country refer to you as an expat and you may even begin to call yourself an expatriate- but becoming an expat includes much more than a title, it's often an entire life change.

If you are newly relocated, or will be relocating soon, here are a few tips to help you become accustom to your new situation.

    1. Step outside your comfort zone. This can be tough for anyone who has just relocated to a new country, even those who are typically outgoing. However, the more you do, the more comfortable you will feel in your new environment. Whether this is venturing down a new path in your neighborhood when out for a run, joining a common interest club/group, or simply making the initiative to meet your neighbors, every little step will help you acclimate to your new home.

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