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Insurance for ExPats and International Citizens

International Citizens is a licensed brokerage firm specializing in international health and expatriate travel insurance, with licensed agents dedicated to the insurance needs of the expatriate or international traveler. We understand that the health needs of you and your family come first, even worldwide while abroad and with this in mind, we have put together a range of health insurance options that are not only comprehensive, but also affordable for every budget.


Our specialized international insurance agents are available to provide the help you need to find dependable international health insurance plans. Whether you need health insurance in the Unites States or across the globe, we you can help you find both the expatriate health insurance and international travel insurance you need.


We also provide resources for expatriates, articles on living abroad and a weekly blog on life as an expatriate. Let us know how we can help make your international experience more enjoyable.


If you are looking for group insurance plans, please visit Groups Plans for Corporate, Non-Profits and Missionaries at


You can browse our range of insurance plans available below:

International Health Insurance

International health insurance, also known as expatriate health insurance, is for individuals or families relocating abroad for a year or more.We offer a diverse range of comprehensive expatriate insurance and health insurance plans for citizens around the world:

International Travel Insurance

Trip Cancellation and Travel insurance is a necessity, and with our extensive knowledge, we have chosen our plans carefully to provide you with a range of options that are comprehensive and afffordable:

Compare Health Insurance Plans

For researching International Health and Travel Plans, we have built to provide a wide array of providers, products and services. Deciding which international health insurance plan that is right for you can often be a troublesome task, there are many options and plan variations that you need to consider. Our online comparisons of the premier travel and health insurance plans will assist you in deciding which plan might be more suitable. The side-by-side comparison will help you quickly visual what is available on each plan to make quick decisions on benefits and coverage.


For a more detailed overview, we recommend contacting our center for a more in-depth discussion with one of our licensed insurance agents. They will be able to learn more about your requirements and we can suggest the best plans available for you. Please call us or contact via email or live chat through our contact page for more information.

Our international calling code search engine for expatriates and international citizens makes it easy for you to find the codes to call home or other countries around the world.