With the cost of pregnancy and maternity care always increasing, it is important for women to plan ahead. Purchasing international health insurance with maternity coverage will help ease the stress of having to shed thousands of dollars for prenatal, newborn and postnatal care. Understanding considerations and factors when choosing an insurance plan will help you experience the best maternity coverage possible.

It's a girl! But now what? They planned on getting pregnant, but didn't expect it would happen so soon, and they never imagined it would be overseas. They haven't really thought about the cost of delivery yet—it's just too much too soon. She's called dozens of insurance companies with little luck. How are they going to afford the best care for their new daughter? Though it may sound extreme, this situation happens often. Pregnancy while living abroad can be a beautiful and heart-warming experience, but if you don't plan on how to pay for the associate expenses, it can turn into a negative experience really fast. Purchasing international insurance with maternity coverage is extremely important, and if you wait until you are pregnant to receive coverage, you may find that your options are non-existent.

Women looking to obtain international health insurance with maternity will want to check the benefits of the plans under consideration to ensure that it will cover prenatal and postnatal checkups, newborn care and complications during pregnancy. There are some factors that will determine the answer to the question "What does insurance do for maternity" and these factors are important to keep in mind before continuing with the journey of finding expatriate insurance.

When to Buy a Plan that Covers Pregnancy and Maternity

Most insurers will not accept your application if you are already pregnant so it's important to find a plan that includes maternity care before you become pregnant. Keep in mind- if you become pregnant after already purchasing your insurance plan, there may be a waiting period that needs to be met before you are able to receive full maternity benefits. This could be as long as 8 to 12 months after the plan effective date. During this waiting period you must be enrolled on a policy for a given amount of time, before receiving coverage for maternity. Typically, the insurance plan will either require that conception occurs after the effective date of the plan, or that you are on the plan for a pre-determined number of months before coverage for a pregnancy is included.

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Newborn Care

If you want coverage for your newborn baby, a newborn coverage benefit will ensure that your infant can be as healthy as possible. Insurers that include newborn coverage will allow for a set number of days from the day of delivery that the child can receive care. It is important to consider this factor when looking at expatriate insurance, as what is covered for newborn care is not as standard as what is covered for prenatal and delivery care.

Complications During Pregnancy or Delivery

One pressing issue for expat mothers is what will happen if there are complications during pregnancy or delivery, and what costs will be involved with the treatment of those complications. As mentioned previously, find a plan that has coverage for maternity that includes complications. Additionally, while many plans will cover complications during pregnancy or delivery, not all plans will cover birth defects, and plans that do cover defects may not cover all of them, or will only cover them within a certain number of days. Check your plan do see what birth defects, diseases and other health concerns it will cover.

Every mother wants the best care for her and her child during pregnancy, but obtaining that care without insurance can be extremely expensive. It is important to purchase international insurance with maternity coverage if you want to be covered for medical expenses before, during and after pregnancy. Keep in mind that each plan will differ, and the timing of when you purchase a plan should be determined on the waiting period that works best for you. So what does insurance do for maternity? It depends. It depends on what you need and the plan you choose. Nevertheless, insurance does for maternity what you do not have time to think about during maternity. Starting a family in another country doesn't have to result in you being consumed with debt.

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