International Hospitals for Expatriates

Are you working abroad? Planning on traveling to the far corners of the earth? Dream of retiring to a faraway beach bungalow? These are all tempting ideas for many. But before you become an expatriate and start living abroad, there is some information you should know about international hospitals and healthcare outside the U.S.

Expats should always learn what medical services your health insurance will cover before going abroad. You should definitely always have your insurance card as proof of insurance as well as a claim form in case your health insurance policy provides coverage outside America. Although many health insurance providers will pay customary and reasonable costs at international hospitals, not many will pay for your medical evacuation back to America. Medical evacuation can very quickly run you $10,000 and up, depending on your location and medical condition.

International Hospitals and Healthcare

Native citizens and expats alike have greater expectations of international hospitals and healthcare services in the majority of areas of the developed world. Where socialized medical systems exist, this tendency is particularly strong. And because of this, there's an increasing fascination with international hospital certification. Supplying healthcare, particularly of an acceptable standard, is a difficult and complicated procedure. Worldwide, healthcare services may be supplied either from the public sector or from the private sector, or with a mixture of both. Similarly, the site of healthcare delivery may be found in international hospitals or through general physicians working in clinics.

Aside from using international hospitals and healthcare services to recover from emergency health issues, or to avoid becoming ill to begin with, people may also make use of them to get a number of other services, for example: cosmetic surgery, gender reassignment surgery, or infertility treatment.

For all these reasons and more, International Citizens is providing an inventory of the best-ranked international hospitals in travel destinations and areas with a high density of expatriates.

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Hospitals in Brazil
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