Expat insurance in Switzerland - Swiss Flag 158677240Along with chocolate and cheese, Switzerland is known for having high-quality medical services. Although great, they do still come at a price, each individual living in Switzerland must legally maintain a health insurance plan.

Insurance Options for Travel to Switzerland

If you will be visiting Switzerland for three months or less, you will want to find a health insurance plan that allows you to have comprehensive coverage for this short time period.

One popular option is the Atlas Travel Plan. You can have coverage for as little as five days that includes benefits like doctor's visits, hospitalization, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.

If you are considering becoming an expatriate in Switzerland, it may be helpful to know that those who relocate to Switzerland typically have a pleasant experience. Switzerland was ranked as the seventh top country overall to become an expat in, according to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey. Specific areas in which Switzerland ranks well in within this survey include local work culture, commuting, healthcare, sports and disposable income.

If you are a long-term visitor to Switzerland you are required to have health insurance after the first three months of your visit- within this three month time period expatriates must register with the residency office of the local canton. Those who need insurance can obtain it through public or private health insurance plans as it is typically not provided by an employer. If you would like to purchase an international health insurance plan in Switzerland, the residency office will advise you if your plan for International Health Insurance in Switzerland will be accepted or if you need to purchase a local policy. Review more plans at International Insurance Plans for a comprehensive list if international insurance policies.


If you are need of a temporary or more long-term plan for international health insurance in Switzerland contact one of our agents today.

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