When choosing an international health insurance plan for yourself or your family, you are often confronted with a number of different plans which may all look similar, but are all very different and unique - most offering slightly different coverage compared to each other.

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In order to offer a more comprehensive resource for international insurance options, we are moving the majority of our content to www.InternationalInsurance.com where you can find comparisons of more products and companies in the travel and medical insurance business.

Not only do we offer some of the very best Global Health Insurance and Expatriate Health Plans from all around the world, our highly trained insurance agents are on hand to assist you and provide you with all the information to purchase the right insurance plan for you. To get started, we have a range of expatriate health insurance plans that will offer a range of coverage options that should meet most requirements.

International Health Insurance Comparison on InternationalInsurance.com

To make your insurance purchase easier, we have created an online comparison chart (Click to Compare) so you can quickly and easily see all the plans side-by-side, allowing you to evaluate the plans and see the benefits of each against the others. Our online comparison tool does not show you the full plan benefits, so please make sure to view the full policy benefits and exclusions before purchasing your insurance plan.

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For the next few months, we will maintain the below comparisons for existing customers. With this comparison, you can get an idea of the features and benefits of each plan compared to one another. Please then contact our customer support team, as we will be more than happy to provide personalized quotes and suggestions for your situation.

Compare Top International Health Plans

Our International Health Insurance Plans on InternationalInsurance.com Include:

Cigna International


Offering a modular style health insurance plan, you can choose benefit packages that most suit your needs.

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Global Medical

IMG/ Sirius

With 4 plan options to choose from; Silver, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum, this plan offers all the coverage options.

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GeoBlue Xplorer

Geo Blue / 4Ever Life

This HIPAA compliant health insurance plan is ideal for US Citizens who are looking for coverage at home and abroad.

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Other plans include:

  IHHP Health Plan Global Medical Global Citizen Xplorer
Administrator ihi Bupa (Denmark) IMG (USA) HTH / GEO Blue (USA)
Underwriter ihi Bupa Sirius International BCS Insurance Company
Rating A+ (Fitch) A (A.M. Best) A- (A.M. Best)
Coverage Area Worldwide Worldwide or Worldwide ex USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan


Worldwide and Worldwide ex USA/ Canada

- 59 years and under

- 60+ have rated up premium

- Anyone around the world

- up to 74 years old

- Anyone around the world

- US Citizens max 34 Days in USA

- up to 74 years old

- Anyone around the world

Policy Maximum $2,000,000 $8,000,000 Unlimited
Renewable Lifetime

Before 65, lifetime renewability

After 65, up to age 74

Up to age 84
Currencies GBP, Euros, US Dollars US Dollars US Dollars
Plan Options Modular Plan Term Life, Maternity, Dental/Vision, Terrorism, Sports, Trip Prescription drugs
PPO Network None Open or PPO, Your Choice Aetna Network
Cancellation 90 day advance written notice to cancel on anniversary date. Insurance must be effective for a minimum of 12 months 15 day free look period with full refund. After, cancellation request will be reviewed by insurance company. If granted, refund is a short-earned refund rate 10 day free look period with full refund. After, no cancellation or refunds are issued within the certificate period year
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Plan Benefits Comparison

  IHHP Health Plan Global Medical Global Citizen
Hospitalization yes yes yes
Intensive Care yes yes yes
Doctor Visits yes with module 1 yes yes
Prescription Medication yes with module 2 yes yes


12 month waiting period


12 month waiting period


Option for maternity plan after 12 months

Mental Health yes with module 1 yes 12 month waiting period yes
Evacuation/ Repatriation yes with module 3 yes yes
Wellness/ Checkups yes with module 1

yes 12 month waiting period for

Gold and Gold Plus, 6 for Platinum

Dental yes with module 4a and b

yes 6 month waiting period

Vision yes with module 4a and b yes Platinum Plan only no
Pre-existing Conditions yes

yes24 Month waiting period

(no waiting period on Platinum Plan)

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Download the Plan Comparison Sheet

This comparison of international health insurance plans contains a summary description of all plan benefits, conditions, limitations and exclusions. A certificate containing the complete Certificate Wording with all terms, conditions and exclusions will be included in the fulfillment kit. Review your plan policy and certificate before and after you have applied. You may cancel your plan during the "look back" period if the policy does not meet your needs. Contact us for help, guidance and to apply.

We are consolidating the majority of our insurance resources on our International Travel Insurance Comparison Site: International Travel Insurance Group where you can also: Compare Trip Insurance and Compare Travel Medical Insurance. If you need assistance evaluating plans, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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